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Cyara – ServiceNow Integration

Speed Up Response and Reduce Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR)

About ServiceNow

ServiceNow, an S&P 500 company, delivers digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity. For customers, the ServiceNow platform revolutionizes IT, Employee, Customer, and App Engine workflows that optimize productivity, improve experiences, increase loyalty, and help teams create with greater speed and quality.

With ServiceNow’s IT Incident Management and Support capabilities, users can easily contact support to track and fix issues quickly, helping teams restore services faster, drive lower call volume, and deliver better customer experience. To learn more about ServiceNow, visit


Sometimes, elements of your Customer Experience (CX) systems break. That’s why it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of your CX production environment, watching for defects so you can resolve them as quickly as possible. We built Cyara’s CX production monitoring solution, Pulse, to automate this task for you, reporting on exactly what both your contact center agents and your customers are experiencing real-time.

Since ServiceNow offers one of the leading ticketing and support systems available, we have teamed up to connect our solutions and provide you with the fastest path to defect resolution.

Cyara-ServiceNow Integration Benefits

  • Accelerates CX incident resolution by creating incident tickets from Cyara Pulse test case failures
  • Standardizes incident report format and reduces manual data re-entry
  • Enables rapid response by sending real-time notifications to users through Cyara’s Pulse Mobile App
  • Reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by setting thresholds to automatically create and clear tickets based on Cyara test results

How the Cyara-ServiceNow Integration Works

Cyara-ServiceNow Integration - Cyara

With our Pulse and ServiceNow integration, users can configure their systems to automatically track and manage issues detected within their voice and digital channels. It all starts when a Pulse-initiated test case or campaign fails and Cyara identifies the defect. As soon as this occurs, a new ServiceNow incident ticket is automatically generated directly from Pulse.

Cyara-ServiceNow Integration - ServiceNow Incident

Depending on your requirements and configuration, Pulse can automatically import data into standard ServiceNow ticket fields – like Campaign name, failed step description, test case name, and urgency – custom fields, and distribute to your team right away, or prepare the ticket for review.

New incidents are generated from Pulse’s Test Result Details page – either manually or automatically – and a direct link is created between the ServiceNow incident and Cyara. Users can now easily navigate directly to and from incident details from test cases within Cyara, providing easy access to details and recordings.

To Get Started Using the Cyara-ServiceNow Integration

Ready to put this technology partnership to work for you? Contact us here, or reach out to your Cyara Account Executive today.

You can also learn more about configuring the ServiceNow integration with Cyara in this Developer Central article, accessible to all of our subscribers.



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