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The fast lane to flawless customer experience is here. No matter how you like to do your IVR testing – manually or automated – there’s never been a quicker, more efficient way to drive customer satisfaction.

Introducing Cyara Call Explorer!

Call Explorer is a Platform-level feature that will turbocharge your IVR testing and monitoring.

Whether your IVR testing teams prefer the control of a manual approach or the precision and convenience of autopilot, Call Explorer makes it easier to assure that the customer journeys you’ve designed give callers the best experiences possible without requiring you to change a thing.

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Providing Excellent CX: Easier Said than Done

Excellent customer experience (CX) is what will set you apart from your competition. With it, you build long-lasting, loyal customers who trust your brand and share their positive experiences with others.

To provide excellent CX, you need to ensure that your call center voice systems and functionality, like IVRs, call routing, data passing, and SMS, perform flawlessly. This requires a thorough and continuous CX testing approach, diligently examining your designed customer journeys to make sure they are set up to respond to your caller requests, answer their questions, and accomplish their goals.

Manually dialing and selecting every possible option built into all your customer journey paths is a massive, time-consuming, and repetitive undertaking. Even the simplest contact center systems can have hundreds of possible permutations, requiring large teams of manual testers to make sure technology is working as intended, transferring, and resolving your caller’s inquiries.

And even when customer journeys have passed those tests, as soon as updates occur, services change, or new elements are added, those journeys will have to be tested again.

Manual Testing Roadblock

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could…

Turbo-charge the Productivity of Your Manual Testing Team


Erase Time-Consuming & Repetitive Aspects of Manual IVR Testing

Manual Repeat Calling

Build Automation Into Your Existing Testing Strategy with Ease


With Call Explorer, You Can!

Cyara Call Explorer Interface screenshot

Call Explorer is a web-based phone UI that can be used to manually test customer voice journeys.

In the background Call Explorer is automatically and intelligently listening, logging, and documenting every aspect of that voice test call.

From a single manual test session, Call Explorer automatically captures rich documentation of each step taken and creates a test script. This helps testers quickly build a comprehensive library of test cases that will never have to be manually dialed again!

Benefits of Automating IVR Testing with Call Explorer:

  • A fast, non-technical way to test IVRs
  • Automatic documentation of every test step
  • Easy test case tuning
  • Elimination of manual IVR test repetition
  • Intelligent, multilingual IVR support
  • Automatic generation of test scripts for future automated testing & monitoring campaigns
  • Standardized test cases with comprehensive data for faster defect detection, tracking & validation of resolutions

Cyara Test Case Interface screenshot

“I think [Call Explorer] is great. I mean, it’s like you guys have created an automated feature we didn’t know we needed and now that we have it, it’s like ‘how come we didn’t ask for this!’”

— Market-Leading Multinational Software Company

Xchange Online Webinar: Navigating Around Bumps on the Path to Test Automation Bliss

Watch the Xchange Online Webinar: Navigating Around Bumps on the Path to Test Automation Bliss

Learn the four methods Cyara has created to get to the benefits of test automation faster.

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What a great idea from our friends over at Twilio! @Twilio

Recent research used to support this BIT article about delivering great #cx with real-time decisioning revealed that poor #customerservice caused one 1 in 10 customers to cry!

As organizations look to transform customer data they are collecting into meaningful, actionable reports to drive proactive course corrections that continuously improve #CX, more companies look to provide solutions that answer this need.

Cyara Announces the Opening of the 2021 CXcellence Awards for Customer Success, Innovation and Achievement!

"Over half of Australian business reported that, over the last 12 months, customer churn has increased" and 53% don't know why, due to lack of accurate customer insights: Can you proactively view CX data that helps you take action ahead of customer churn?

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Watch Pedal to the Metal Q&A: How has Cyara Call Explorer helped make IVR testing in multiple languages and countries easier?


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