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Cyara Cruncher

Ensure Your CX Delivers, Even at Your Busiest

Be Confident that Your System Performs under Pressure before Going Live to Customers

Test Your CX at Maximum Performance

Cruncher automatically generates thousands of calls, simulating real-world customer contact and verifying that your systems work at scale. You can simulate sustained traffic loads, sharp peaks, and controlled volume in tests that are easily configurable and repeatable.

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Automatically simulate customer contact

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Scale to thousands of calls, simulating peak volume

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Lower Costs

Identify issues and eliminate costly production defects

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Flawless CX

Find defects before your customers do


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Automated Test Execution

Automatically generate thousands of simultaneous calls, ensuring systems work at scale


Test voice (voice processing, networks, lines, DTMF systems), routing and CTI, as well as digital channels (website, web chat, email and SMS) end-to-end

Drill-down Reporting

Identify outliers in high-level CX metrics and drill down for root cause analysis

Easy-to-use Test Scripting

Intuitive interface for building test scripts – no coding required


Easily build test cases and schedule testing at any time


Import data from any REST API-compatible application to augment insights

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Thirty-one Gifts Case Study

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