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Turn the Promise of Voice Biometrics Into a Real Business Advantage

Realize the promise of voice biometrics authentication with Cyara

Turn the Promise of Voice Biometrics Into a Real Business Advantage

Realize the promise of voice biometrics authentication with Cyara

There are few things that consumers dislike more than trying to remember the slew of pins, passwords, user IDs, and challenge questions they are forced to juggle. Voice biometrics or “speaker authentication” systems hold considerable promise for accelerating customer interactions while improving the customer experience.

However, implementation challenges have sometimes limited the benefits of voice biometrics systems. Real-world ambient noise, poor audio quality, poor pronunciation and other factors often produce unsatisfactory results. Too often these systems reject legitimate callers, resulting in a poor experience, when improving authentication is precisely the goal.  Or worse, they incorrectly authenticate illegitimate callers—resulting in potentially massive fraud losses.

Now your business can deploy voice biometrics systems with confidence. The Cyara Platform provides the world’s first voice biometrics automated testing solution. This breakthrough capability enables you to perform end-to-end testing of your voice biometrics system by emulating real customers calling in your call center, with their own voices, under various environmental conditions such as a noisy café, an office, a night club, and other realistic caller and mobile app user situations. The Cyara Platform’s Voice Biometrics options allow you to effectively tune the settings of your voice biometrics system to deliver a brilliant experience for customers and increase the security of your contact center.

How it Works

With the Cyara Platform, voice biometrics testing is complete, end-to-end, and automated. Testing can be done in your development environment, your QA environment, or even your production environment. That way you can eliminate security vulnerabilities at every phase of the lifecycle while also ensuring that the entire customer experience (which may incorporate existing DTMF/Speech IVR call flows) works flawlessly to deliver a better customer experience.

The Cyara Platform provides a complete voice biometrics testing suite that enables you to perform all of the following:

  • Automated Enrollment Testing: Failure to Enroll
  • Automated Verification Testing: Failure to Acquire (nearly impossible to test manually)
  • Mass Imposter Attack: Test False Acceptance Rates
  • Mass Legitimate Call Placement: Test False Rejection Rates
  • Voice Biometrics Load & Stress Testing: Voice Biometrics Platform Performance
  • Voice Biometrics Application Testing: Voice Biometrics Application Functional Testing
  • Ongoing Contact Centre Monitoring: Live Production Monitoring
  • Compliance Reporting and Analysis: Set Equal Error Rates (ERR) before going live


  • Proven, automated, end-to-end testing: The Cyara Platform automates every facet of your voice biometrics solution deployment, from functional testing and load testing through ongoing production deployment monitoring.
  • Accelerates improvement of the customer experience: The Cyara Platform facilitates collaboration across the testing lifecycle, so development and testing teams can innovate, test the experience, and make improvements faster.
  • Flexible deployment options: The Cyara Platform is easy to deploy and use via cloud-based or on-premises options; there is no need to modify your IVR applications; and it can be deployed without disrupting your business processes.
  • Technology agnostic: You can use the Cyara Platform to test any voice biometrics solution deployed in your contact center. Cyara is also agnostic to “text dependent,” “text independent,” and “fused” voice biometrics authentication technology.


  • World’s first voice biometrics testing solution
  • Complete testing suite
    • Test Failure To Enroll
    • Test Failure To Acquire
    • Test False Acceptance Rates
    • Test False Rejection Rates
  • Set equal error rates prior to going live
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or on-premises deployment options