Case Studies:

NAB – Speech Recognition

“The key benefit of a tool like Cyara is that is offers a high degree of automation. We can load up the speech utterances we want to test and away it goes and does the job.”
Sam Jackal, Program Manager, Direct Voice Channels

Cyara Halves National Australia Bank’s Test Team


  • Voice biometrics system replaced IVR
  • Created baseline vocabulary of 400 to 500 utterances for the system to recognize
  • Analyzed 70,000 customers to fine-tune speech application
  • Automated testing generated enough calls to thoroughly test the system


National Australia Bank installed new speech recognition to provide faster and better customer service. The project had a limited time frame for implementation and a limited team to test the 400-500 customer utterances that were collected as part of the new system. Thorough testing was needed to provide an initial baseline from which to measure the customer experience.


Automated testing using Cyara made it possible for NAB to conduct frequent tests to improve the performance of its speech recognition system. Cyara was also used to help the bank create a benchmark for its customer service experience. NAB has used that data to create a benchmark for the customer experience, and continues to use Cyara to ensure that its operations achieve the thresholds it deems acceptable. Cyara was also used for load testing.


Cyara’s automated testing reduced the number of testers needed by half and improved the test quantity and quality. Testing also provided a benchmark for the customer service experience. Automated testing also enabled load testing of operational thresholds.

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