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Assure Flawless CX with Real-Time At-Home Agent Monitoring & Diagnostics

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More than ever before, today’s modern contact centers are based in the cloud and accommodate remote workforces, whether agents are working from home or offshore. Managing technology and assuring voice quality so that agents can deliver flawless customer experience is fundamentally more challenging without the power to control factors that impact voice quality and on-hand technical support available to resolve issues as they surface.

When agents can’t take calls or have poor quality connections, it directly impacts the business metrics that matter, like average handle time, agent utilization, customer satisfaction, and net promoter scores (NPS). This can increase churn rate and, for contact centers focused on sales, negatively affect top-line revenue. Businesses need technology to help address the challenges of managing remote agents and help them deliver flawless CX from anywhere – and everywhere.

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Introducing Cyara LiveVQ!

LiveVQ empowers brands to deliver flawless CX by enabling real-time monitoring, diagnoses, and resolution of voice quality issues that impact the quality of your customers’ experiences.

LiveVQ keeps agents productive, provides contact center operations teams with performance visibility, and reduces time and effort IT must dedicate to troubleshooting and root-cause analysis. This translates directly to better quality calls, reduced churn, and increased customer satisfaction and sales.

Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Could…

Increase Agent Productivity

Reduce Churn & Improve CSTAT

Support Top-Line Sales Objectives

Reduce MTTR & Speed Root-Cause Analysis

…With LiveVQ, You Can!

Providing real-time, continuous monitoring and diagnostics of voice quality metrics, LiveVQ helps you deliver flawless CX by empowing remote representatives to report problems and reducing mean-time-to-repair, so you can get agents back to taking calls, serving customers, and making sales through crystal clear communication that delights your callers.

LiveVQ Features

Agent Desktop Application

Active on agents’ virtual workstations, this application empowers agents to immediately notify business operations teams on voice quality issues as soon as they occur.

LiveVQ will also automatically send alerts if custom, pre-set quality thresholds have been breached. Every alert – whether initiated by an agent, or automatically generated – contains all the data necessary to facilitate faster troubleshooting and resolution.

Customizable Dashboard for Historical, Real-Time & Trending Voice Quality Metrics

At all times, LiveVQ is collecting, aggregating, and displaying call data for every agent. Contact center operations teams and IT can view this data via customizable dashboards that showcase the exact data you need to swiftly identify issues, find the root-cause, and fix the problem.

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In Large Contact Centers,
as Many as 30% of Calls
Have Voice Quality Issues


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