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Achieve Speed with Quality

Accelerate Your CX Development and Ensure Quality by Connecting Your Design to Assurance and Increasing Automation

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Design-Driven Assurance

Adopt a design-driven approach to your functional and regression testing and rapidly innovate while ensuring quality. Velocity facilitates acceleration of your CX development initiatives and adoption of Agile development methodologies.

Design Driven Assurance Collaborate


Facilitate collaboration with a shared visual language for expressing customer journeys, ensuring accurate design is used throughout testing

Design Driven Assurance Accelerate


Automate documentation of CX design, creation and maintenance of test cases, as well as test execution

Design Driven Assurance Flawless CX

Flawless CX

Increase test coverage through automation, and visualize test coverage to see trends over time. Test holistically – digital and voice channels, as well as self-service and agent-assisted interactions

Velocity Features

Velocity: Automated IVR Discovery

Automated Discovery

Automatically discover and document your existing CX in a visual hierarchical map

Velocity: CX Model Editor

CX Model Editing

Discover or import CX models and visualize in common, intuitive language

Velocity: Automated Test Creation and Maintenance

Automated Test Case Creation and Maintenance

Automatically generate test cases based on CX models, and link test cases to models to changes automatically flow through to test cases

Velocity: Omnichannel Test Scripting

Omnichannel Test Scripting

Design and test customer journeys across digital and voice channels

Velocity: Integrated AX/CX Testing

Integrated CX & AX Testing

Ensure data flows from self-service through to assisted service touch point, and agent routing operates as designed, with single framework for test execution and reporting

Velocity: Automated Test Execution

Automated Test Execution

Accelerate testing times by automating test execution


CX Innovation Lifecycle

Learn about the CX Innovation Lifecycle and framework for accelerating your CX innovation and delighting your customers

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