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What is Load/Performance Testing?

What is Load/Performance Testing?

Load or performance testing puts your customer experience (CX) delivery processes and systems through their paces. Load testing falls into the category of non-functional testing, and is designed to determine if an application or product will behave as expected when it’s subjected to external fault or failure conditions. For example, it helps test whether your system can handle hundreds or even thousands of people trying to call your customer service line or interacting with your web chat help.

Other types of non-functional testing include Compliance, Stress, Avalanche, Recovery, Redundancy, and Partial Failure testing. All types of non-functional testing establish whether your systems will provide a good user experience.

Why do performance testing?

Enterprises looking to improve their CX might choose performance testing when undertaking:

  • System performance baselining
  • Technology refreshes
  • Expansion
  • Outsourcing
  • Introducing new technologies/channels
  • Validation prior to seasonal peaks
  • Change assurance

What are the benefits of performance testing?

Performance testing helps enterprises to:

  • Find scalability problems quickly, without exposing them to their customers
  • Test customer experience at design or emergency traffic volumes
  • Test uni- or bi-directional voice quality at scale
  • Scale to thousands of simultaneous calls and chat sessions
  • Catch weaknesses earlier in their projects to avoid project delays
  • Reduce CX flaws detected by up to 80%

Performance testing with Cyara Cruncher can simulate sustained end-to-end traffic loads, sharp peaks, and controlled volumes of calls or other interactions, meaning you can go live with confidence.

Read more about Cruncher below and share the datasheet with your colleagues.

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