Case Studies:

Australian Financial Leader

“Cyara saves cost for every project since we are constantly updating and changing requirements and need to test. There are definitely benefits from automation in regard to reuse.”

Cyara Helps Major Australian Bank Migrate to Dynamic Routing and Contextual Information for a Better Customer Experience


  • Supported 120,000 customer calls per day across six contact centers and over 6,000 call flows
  • Needed to support peak load of 3,750 concurrent calls, including 1,500 with agents, and 25 call attempts per second
  • Implemented dynamic call routing and contextual CRM information for better customer experience
  • Migrated to new carrier and the latest version of Genesys Voice Platform


As one of the four largest banks in Australia, the bank serves 120,000 retail customer a day from six contact centers. A 12-month project to move to a new carrier and a new contact center platform was a major decision. The bank realized that these moves, which were needed to develop a dynamic, next-generation contact center and better customer experience, would require thorough end-to-end testing prior to roll-out. They brought in Cyara for automated testing to ensure a smooth migration.


For the new solution, the bank migrated to a new telecommunications carrier and the latest release of the Genesys Voice Platform. Agent desks are equipped with dual screens to display CRM data about the customer. Based on business rules, such as the line of business, and contextual data from the CRM, customer calls are dynamically routed to the first available agent with the skills to handle their call.


  • Cut regression testing time and resources by 80%
  • Improved voice quality success rates to 99.7%
  • Built 600 functional automation Test Cases, now used for regression testing
  • Discovered and corrected major design issue with the telephony platform in pre-production, before it became customer-facing

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