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Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect

The Cyara Accelerator for Amazon Connect helps you accelerate your migration, improve quality throughout the development cycle and gain confidence that your new contact center is working as designed.

There are five easy steps to migrating your contact center to Amazon Connect with the Cyara Accelerator.

How Cyara Works 1

Cyara can crawl your existing IVR and automatically create a CX model that documents the details of your current call flows, creating a baseline

How Cyara Works 2

You can then import this baseline document into Amazon Connect, and automatically create an Amazon Connect Flow, including populating the flow and prompts

How Cyara Works 3

Once you’ve fleshed out the Amazon Connect Flows, you can then run functional and agent voice quality tests, based on test scripts automatically created from the baseline documentation Cyara creates

How Cyara Works 4

Once your code is ready to deploy, you are ready to run a pressure test to ensure that you are ready to run at scale

How Cyara Works 5

Finally, once in production, the Cyara Accelerator will help you monitor your CX from the customer’s perspective, ensuring that your CX applications are performing as designed.

Cyara is a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology / Public Sector Program (PSP) Partner.

APN is a group of cloud software and service vendors who have earned endorsement from AWS after meeting several criteria. PSP Partners are recognized for solutions and experience in delivering government, education, and nonprofit customer missions around the world.

Cyara supports Amazon Connect, a self-service, cloud-based contact center service from AWS. Cyara is the first APN partner to provide a CX assurance solution – encompassing CX design, testing and monitoring – to support customers using Amazon Connect.

AWS Partner Network - Advanced Technology Partner
AWS Partner Network - Advanced Technology Partner - Public Sector Partner

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