Platform Capabilities

Platform Capabilities

The following capabilities extend across the entire Cyara Platform, enabling you to get the most out of your CX assurance program

Agent Simulation

With Cyara’s agent simulation, we ensure calls are routed correctly to available agents and agent application screens are functioning as designed

Platform Features Agent Simulation

Call Routing

Emulate agent activity and CTI functions to test screen pops and routing changes before they go into production

Agent Desktop

Create synthetic agent interactions and workflows to measure, validate, and refine application content delivery and behavior

Voice Quality Assurance

Cyara provides robust voice testing capabilities, enabling you to measure, score, and continuously monitor voice quality by simulating conversations between agent and customer


Emulates agent handsets at scale with comprehensive bi-directional voice quality testing

Audio Generation Device (AGD)

Provides the ability to generate audio for the agent headset and test voice quality to the last mile for distributed contact center environments

Platform Features Voice Quality


Platform Features Integration

The entire Cyara CX Assurance Platform easily integrates with any REST API compatible applications and we offer an adapter for HP ALM