Case Studies:

New Zealand Ministry of Social Development

“Cyara means I could do many tests in minutes… We dramatically reduced the time needed for testing.”
Brent Ludlam, Voice Manager

Cyara Enables NZ Ministry of Social Development to Proactively Monitor the Customer Experience


  • New Zealand ministry selects Cyara to monitor the customer experience and get to market faster
  • Initial project: ensuring that 22,000 newly ported numbers were redirecting appropriately
  • Cyara Platform now tests the call center experience proactively
  • Elimination of manual testing drives project costs and timeframes down


The Ministry operates 20 call centers, which offer citizens a first point of contact for myriad inquiries and serve different business units. Some of the call centers operate during business hours; others, such as a hotline for reporting family violence, operate only at selected hours. All are mission critical, requiring constant proactive testing to ensure they are ready to serve customers. However, in the past the testing was done manually. “Our testing was completely manual and inefficient,” said Mr. Ludlam. “The quality of people determined quality of testing.”


The Ministry selected the Cyara Platform for a migration to automated testing. The initial project was to use Cyara to ensure the 22,000 newly-ported numbers were all redirecting to the appropriate destinations. The success of that project led to the use of the Cyara Platform for proactive testing and monitoring of the call center’s customer experience. Ludlam and the Ministry now plan to make further use of Cyara in additional ways.


The Cyara Platform has dramatically reduced the need to test manually, resulting in time savings, cost reductions, and increased confidence in the quality of the customer experience. “Now I only test 10 instead of 50,” said Mr. Ludlam. Cyara performs the remainder of the tests and, if an issue is uncovered, sends Ludlam SMS messages to explain the situation. This has led to plans for an expanding role for Cyara: “There’s a voicemail upgrade that goes live later this year,” said Mr. Ludlam. “I won’t be testing that manually – it’s another job for Cyara. It brings project costs and timeframes down.”

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