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CX Monitoring from the Customer’s Perspective

Monitor your CX from the customer’s perspective, and ensure your CX is functioning as designed. By simulating real-world customer interactions, Pulse delivers real-time insight in the palm of your hand, enabling you to identify issues, troubleshoot problems and ensure that you deliver the best possible customer experience each and every time.

Pulse Real-Time


See in real-time the CX you are delivering with an outside-in view of your CX performance

Pulse Actionable


Customize and drill in to deliver insights you need to take action

Pulse Comprehensive


Monitor across digital and voice channels, and even ensure your call recording is functioning as required


Pulse Datasheet

Read more about Cyara Pulse and share the datasheet with your colleagues

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Top 4 Reasons to Assure Your Call Recording

Learn more about how Cyara ensures your call recording software from the outside-in

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OCX – Establishing a Baseline

See how operational customer experience (OCX) impacts customer experience

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Pulse Video

See how Cyara Pulse helps you monitor your CX from your customer’s perspective.

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Pulse Computer

Flexible delivery

Deliver insights via web interface, wallboards, or mobile app


Exception based alerts make it easy to identify problems

Drill-down Reporting

Identify outliers in high-level CX metrics, and drill down for root cause analysis


Import data from any REST API-compatible application to augment insights


Monitor all channels, including IVR, call routing, web, chat, email and SMS

Call Recording Validation

Ensure your call recording software is performing as intended

Pulse Call Graphic
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See how Pulse can help you ensure you deliver a flawless CX

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